– Internet environment: Wireless LAN is available on the premises.
– Check-in: From 3 pm (last check-in 7 pm)
– Check-out: 10 am
*Non-smoking request: The entire inn is a non-smoking area. When you smoke, please do so in the designated smoking area.
*The inn is also a Japanese house, and since it will be annoying to guests in adjacent rooms, preschoolers are not allowed.


Introducing each plan

A plan with meticulously made marmalade as a gift.

Enjoy a unique menu using seasonal ingredients from the Kozagawa area, in a homey inn in a quiet countryside on the bank of the limpid Kozagawa River, and make a present of homemade marmalade as a souvenir. In Nakazaki, Kozagawa town, you will be presented with marmalade (a 200 g bottle) made by Kafedachayamamba specializing in meticulously homemade jam and marmalade! *The type of marmalade changes with the season (hassaku orange, natsumikan, daidai, etc.)

  • Half board, per person ¥8,800 to ¥9,800

A plan with support for canoe experience enjoying the limpid Kozagawa River!

Speaking of the Kozagawa River, canoe experience is the first thing that comes to mind! Japan’s foremost limpid Kozagawa River offers carefree canoeing experience for both beginners and family groups. The Koza Tourist Association will kindly guide beginners and children.
— Canoe rental fee: a ¥1,000 discount ticket issued!
– With only the canoe rental, no instructor will accompany you.
– For transportation and transfer from the tourist association to the departure place, please go by yourself or use a canoe taxi (for a fee).
– Canoe rental courses have restrictions on starting points and departure times depending on the season.
– For details on canoe rental reservations, etc.
Please contact the Koza Tourist Association by phone (at 0735-72-0645).
– Canoe rentals may not be available depending on the rental status, so please make reservations early.

  • Half board, per person ¥8,800 to ¥9,800

Women only! A plan for a boisterous women party with good friends!

women party plan
An occasional breather! Would you like to make an enjoyable trip with women only? Enjoy a unique menu using unique ingredients from the Kozagawa area, in a homey inn in a quiet countryside on the bank of the limpid Kozagawa River.
— Fruits will be added to breakfast for the girls-only gathering plan.
— We have newly installed women-only toilets, baths, washrooms, and powder rooms.
* The photographs are images. The contents change with the season.
* The room size changes according to the number of people making a reservation.
Information about tourist sites nearby
— Kumano Nachi Taisha Shrine: About 1 hour by car
— Adventure World: About 2 hours by car

  • Half board, per person ¥8,800 to ¥9,800

Countryside meals, one-piece service plan: Enjoy the taste of Kozagawa produce using seasonal ingredients!

We offer an additional service with a unique menu using seasonal ingredients from the Kozagawa area.
We use plenty of local ingredients for regular dishes, too, but we would like you to enjoy another dish on the menu of the Yamasakiya. It is served with various seasonal ingredients such as boiled and fried foods. The picture shows fresh finely chopped raw horse mackerel. Enjoy it sprinkled with Tosa vinegar.

  • Half board, per person ¥8,800 to ¥9,800
one-piece service plan

A plan without meals!

A plan without meals!
This is a plan for those who prefer to just stay at the inn! It is for those who want to have dinner at a local restaurant. It is for those who prefer supermarkets and lunch boxes for economy reasons. It is for those who do not need dinner because they want to have a barbecue on the riverbank. It is a plan just for staying at the inn for such people.

  • Overnight stay without meals, per person ¥5,900 to ¥6,900

A plan supporting a tour of the Kinan hot springs!

With a free ticket for nearby hot springs (equivalent to ¥700), it is a plan to enjoy the Kinan hot springs in the fall and winter, when fish tastes good. We will introduce a secluded hot spring nearby and give you a hot spring ticket as a present. The hot spring ticket is a free ticket for the Tsukinose Onsen Botansou. There are no large hot spring facilities near Kozagawa, but there are some small hot springs that local hot spring lovers go to. We will give you a free ticket for Botansou, a large facility among them, as a present. Please make it a springboard for going on a tour of hidden hot springs in the area.

  • Half board, per person ¥8,800 to ¥9,800
onsen Plan

A business plan!

A business plan
— It is a plan only for those who come to work.
— The meals are slightly different from the plans for staying at the regular fees.
— Please bring your own yukata, towels, toothbrushes, and the like.
— Bath towels are provided.
— You can use the bath towels freely.
— Please contact us if you plan to stay for a long time.

  • Half board, per person ¥7,500 to ¥8,500