Enjoy the authentic countryside taste of local ingredients that are unique to the Yamasakiya,
grown in the rich nature of the Kozagawa River, with a love of the four seasons.

Yamasakiya dinner

Kumano seasonal ingredients

Tasting notes of seasonal flavors from each of the four seasons—spring, summer, fall, and winter—delivered by produce grown in the nature of Kumano.

Surrounded by nature, the Kozagawa River is a treasure trove of wild plants. Even among the wild plants that enjoy the blessings of nature, we recommend bracken.


Raw tuna landings: With tuna purchased from Katsuura Port, the best in Japan, you can enjoy a springy texture. You can enjoy local dishes prepared with fish caught in the Kumano Sea.


The Kozagawa River is a hidden production area of the yuzu citrus. Enjoy the refreshing yuzu flavor.